Harry B. Atwood Carter

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Born:20 JUL 1859, Washington Twp, Morrow Co, OH
Buried:Rivercliff Cem, Mt. Gilead, OH
Died:14 FEB 1938, Morrow Co, OH

George Carter Helen (Hellan) Ewers George Eddington Mary Edwards
Bushrod A. Carter (1820-1878) Margaret E. Eddington (1825-1892)
Harry B. Atwood Carter

Married (1) Ackie G. Phillips (1866-1957)
Child 01:  Bush Edward Carter b. 1888 in Washington Twp, Morrow Co, OH
Child 02:  Vernon Harry Carter b. 1892 in Washington Twp, Morrow Co, OH
Child 03:  Lester Guy Carter b. 1894

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