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"There is a moral and philosophical respect for our ancestors which elevates the character and improves the heart." ~Daniel Webster

Below are some surname histories and/or coats of arms which I have collected over time. Names with the shield icon next to them are ones which have coats of arms.

  • Austin (Austen, Austins, Austing, Auston) 

  • Carter 

  • Delabarre (Delabar, "De La Barre")

  • Fogwell (Faquell, Vaquill, Faulkwell, Falkwell, Figwell, Fogwill, Vogwell)

  • Haeffner (Heffner, Hafner)

  • Hayden (Heydon, Haydon, Haden, Hadden, Hyden, Headen, Haddon) 

  • Hill (Hille, Hell, Helle) 

  • Kirwan (Kerwin, Kirwen, Kirwin, Kirivan, Kierevan, Kiervan, Kirovani, Kyrewain, Kerovan, Kyrvan, Kyrwan, O'Kirwan, O'Kerevan, O'Kerrywane) 

  • Mondragon 

  • Thomas 

  • Waggoner (Wagener, Wagner, Wagoner) 

  • Ward 


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