Protect & Serve

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Jan 182005

LAKEWOOD - Lakewood Police officers are spending their time off Tuesday pumping gas and cleaning car windows. The officers will be working to raise money for a family victimized by an attempted murder and robbery

Moti Lal was shot several times while working at the U-Pump-It gas station during a Dec. 9 robbery. Lal and his family own the gas station on West Colfax near Simms. More than a month after the incident, 50-year-old Lal remains hospitalized in stable condition at St. Anthony's.


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Dec 222004

Wow.. what a gift.

DENVER -- Some last-minute shoppers at a K-Mart store in Longmont are celebrating after getting an early Christmas present.

An anonymous woman and her son showed up at the store and asked to pick up the tab for about a dozen customers. Store manager Linda Linville said she walked around with the pair as they picked out the shoppers they would help.

The recipients all either had children or were buying things for children.

The customers didn't know what was happening until they got to the checkout line. The woman and her son -- who offered the help as their Christmas presents to each other -- watched from a bench nearby.

The woman also asked the manager to slip a $100 bill in one woman's pocket. She found it out in the parking lot when she reached for her keys.

In His Nature

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Oct 282004

DENVER – A Good Samaritan is recovering from a single gunshot wound to his chest. He was shot Thursday afternoon trying to thwart a trio of purse snatchers near 8th and Santa Fe.
Matt Casias, 26, was in fair condition at Denver Health Thursday night. The woman who was the target of the robbery attempt was not harmed.

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Oct 282004

Anthony Sukto is just 8-years-old. He did what no child should ever have to do.

Dispatcher: 911, what are you reporting?
Anthony: Please, come. Take out me.
Dispatcher: What’s going on?
Anthony: My daddy killed me with a knife and I’m gone. Please send the Army men or the ambulance. Continue reading »

Girl Stops Bomb Plot Via Internet

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Sep 202004

Thank her parents for raising her properly as well! A good example of not being “afraid” (“afraid to act”, “afraid you’ll be embarassed if it turns out to be nothing”, etc.).

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Michigan (AP) — A boy who said on the Internet that he planned to bomb his high school was turned in by the 16-year-old daughter of a university police officer who heads a cyber crimes unit, authorities said.

Authorities credited Celia McGinty of Moscow, Idaho, with foiling a plot to bomb Chippewa Valley High School outside Detroit.

Police said a search of 17-year-old Andrew Osantowski’s home last week turned up instructions for making a bomb and videotapes of him with assault weapons.

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