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Jun 192004

1. A rigid military disciplinarian.
2. One who demands absolute adherence to forms and rules.
So called from an officer of that name in the French army under Louis XIV. Cf. Martin the bird, Martlet.] In military language, a strict disciplinarian; in general, one who lays stress on a rigid adherence to the details of discipline, or to forms and fixed methods. [Hence, the word is commonly employed in a depreciatory sense.]


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May 312004

fan-tod n.
1. fantods
1. A state of nervous irritability.
2. Nervous movements caused by tension.
2. An outburst of emotion; a fit.

Fear The Grammar Gods!

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Apr 062004

1080162080_cturesgod3.jpgYou are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to preserve the English tongue, it should be.

Here's a fun little quiz - doesn't take too long. Test your grammar skills! It's too bad it doesn't tell you exactly how many you got right or wrong (or what the correct answers would be) at the end though....


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Feb 162004


Pronunciation: to-‘tä-l&-g&s

Function: adjective

1 : involving or containing rhetorical tautology : REDUNDANT

2 : true by virtue of its logical form alone

– tau·tol·o·gous·ly adverb

Repeating the same thing in different words; tautological.

Etymology: Greek tautologos, from taut- + legein to say