Jun 042011

I recently got a nice new HP laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed. It also has a fingerprint reader which can be used to sign in to Windows – nifty! So, I set up and started using the fingerprint reader as my login method. However, I noticed that this caused the Windows login screen to always show a “fingerprint” image/icon instead of my personal profile icon (since the fingerprint method was always the “last used” login method), and that just bothered me because why bother to set up a user icon if you’re almost never going to see it?!

Windows 7 Fingerprint Logon Screen Snapshot

So, I started trying to figure out how to get my user profile icon to show instead of this blah fingerprint. First I tried looking through HP’s “SimplePass” (AuthenTec) program which is what comes pre-installed for managing and using the biometric fingerprint information. I eventually found there was a place where you could set a “profile picture” in the SimplePass application. “This must be it!” I thought. However, I found that setting the profile picture in SimplePass does not replace the fingerprint on the logon screen – bummer.

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