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Hello, my name is Moxie. I'm a male blue mink Tonkinese cat born on May 12th 2001 at Lyttle Paws cattery in Arizona. Since I heard every cat must have a web page, I thought I'd write one up for myself. Web page design is one among my many talents.

My owners came to pick me up in September, and even though I tried to run away out the door (it was just to see if I could get away with it really), I honestly do love them (now). It was depressing to leave my parents and littermates, but any young kitten soon finds that there's a world of adventure and discovery waiting out there and one can only mope around so much!

My crazy owners keep taking photos of me, so I have put up a page where you can view some of the best (I would never let you see the worst ones of course!).

My name has several meanings. . . . As a word, Moxie has come to mean "the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage", "aggressive energy or initiative" or "skill & know-how" – quite a few meanings for one little word! But did you know that originally Moxie was and is the name of one of America's oldest soft drinks? The beverage Moxie is well over 100 years old. I've put up a Moxie (The Drink) Page so you can read more details about its history. My full registered CFA name is "Lyttle-Paws Moxie For Mine" – which comes from a turn-of-the-century advertising slogan and song for the drink Moxie (the linked song is a 169k MP3 file if you want to listen).

Us Tonkinese cats are known for our intelligence and pleasant personalities. We are a blend of the best traits of the related breeds of Burmese and Siamese. While we are compact and muscular, our coats are soft and silky, and we have either beautiful golden, blue or aqua eyes.

Maybe you have never heard of the Tonkinese breed, but we have been around longer than you might think. For example the Thai manuscript the Cat Book Poems of Siam, written several hundred years ago, contains drawings which clearly refer to the Tonkinese, Siamese, Burmese and Korat breeds. Through history, many of the cats brought to the west who were identified as either Siamese or Burmese were actually Tonkinese.

In the early 1800's, Tonkinese were imported to England but were referred to as "Chocolate Siamese". The Chocolate Siamese was described in the 1890's as a "variety of the royal Siamese cat, rich chocolate or seal, with a darker face, ears and tail". Modern Tonkinese and Burmese in the United States can trace their origins back to Wong Mau, a small walnut-colored cat imported from Rangoon to California by Dr. Joseph Thompson in 1930.

The name "Tonkinese" is believed to originate from the region around the Gulf of Tonkin in South East Asia. Historically, this region lying to the South of China and to the East of North Vietnam was known as "Tongking". If one follows the line of latitude west from the Gulf of Tonkin, they will find that it crosses both Thailand (once known as Siam) and Burma, an appropriate correlation since the Tonkinese originated from the genetic crossing of Burmese and Siamese cats.

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