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    One interpretation of the history of this name is that it comes from the village of Mondragon in the district of Vergara. The meaning of Mondragon is High Pasture or A Pasture in the Mountains. It comes from the root Ondra (pasture) and Goen (elevated/elevation) so it is likely that the original house was near a mountainous pasture or field.

    Another interpretation is that the Spanish surname Mondragon is of toponymic origin. It derives from the town of Mondragon, which is located in the Basque province of Guipuzcoa. According to legend, Mondragon takes its name from a roaming "dragon", which was killing the village people. Thus, the place-name Mondragon literally means "Mount of the dragon" the element "Mon" being an aphetic form of the Spanish "monte" meaning "mount or mountain". The ancestral seat of the Mondragon family is located in the town of the same name.

    BLAZON: Gules, a chevron or, three dragon heads of the same. Gules, or red, symbolizes the planet Mars and denotes Military Fortitude and Honor. Those who bear this color on their coat of arms were obliged to serve their sovereign in War.

    CREST: A Royal Crown or.

Mondragon Coat Of Arms
Mondragon Coat Of Arms
Mondragon Coat Of Arms

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